Pre-Populated Affiliate Inventory
Create Your Own Local Listings
Instant Landing Pages
CRM & Email Marketing System
All-In-One Real Estate Solution


Ready-To-Go Online Broker Business

Agent Lock is an All-In-One business solution that will allow you to automate your real estate business. The main highlights of this powerful system are shown below

Searchable Pre-Loaded Inventory
The advantages of having instant inventory on your broker website are huge! Property search with Google Mapping and Directions.

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Add Your Own Local Listings
Our system allows you to easily add your new local property listings to your website. The management portal allows you to keep track of everything.

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Make Changes to Your Own Site!
Our amazing "In-Context Editor" allows even the novice computer user to make real time updates and changes. Using a "Word-Like" interface, you can easily update your site

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Integrated Email Marketing & Newsletters
Building and staying in contact with your buyer list is probably the most important thing you can do as a Real Estate Broker. Built-in newsletter templates and email lists!

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Powerful CRM (customer management)
Every time somebody takes action on your website, their information is automatically stored in your very own CRM database for use with emailing and marketing.

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What Our Brokers Have To Say

"What Agent Lock has done for me is 100% revolutionized the way I do business. I've doubled my productivity and reduced by workload. And soon I'll be able to literally walk away from my business. "

- James Smith - International ReMax
"Love Agent Lock. It has been a life changing tool. I’m sending out automated marketing like crazy... I have seen my sales nearly double in the past 60 days all while reducing the amount of time I’m spending “IN” the business. I see the light and I’m almost there. "

- Mark Johnson - Global Real Estate

So How Do I Get Started?

If you are ready to take the next step and grow your Real Estate Business, visit our Sign-Up page for more details and how you can get started.

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